The Love Interest

A suspect has been apprehended in the murder of a young man. The suspect begins talking and his story is heard again by the presiding officers.

Yes officer, it was my apartment, yes officer, it was my neighbor. Yes officer, he was found in my home.
Let me start from the top again. Today, Friday, when I reached home from my office I found him strangled to death on my living room floor. I was shocked that’s why I didn’t immediately call. Anyways Let me tell you again from the start.

 Ehsan was my neighbor, we were neighbors since I moved to Karachi from Punjab which is like 5 years now.

He was a joyful hopeless romantic type. Always looking out for the ladies, trying to find that special one. He had been into quite a few affairs before but he was never satisfied. He was a nice lad never disrespectful always willing to help others and ever since I moved to these apartments, he’s helped me with almost everything and we used to hang out on the weekends at his home. Since he had a home cinema system we used to hang around the weekends at his home. Watching movies and the usual tomfoolery. I seldom ever saw his relatives or family ever coming over from his home town. He was a Baloch. He never used to talk about his family or village, and I never asked. You know I came direct from my office, Officer you can check I wasn’t at home when he was okay, okay. I never found him to be involved in any nefarious or as you would say immoral activities and he was a very shy lad. He was searching for a mate that’s why he left his siblings behind I guess, for more focus. Anyhow he wasn’t the type to get into trouble.

 Everything was as usual the last weekend, I inquired what movies to bring over, but he sounded rather excited on the phone and told me he had run into someone while coming back from work. She was quite an handful of energy as he put it. He used to work in those all night call centers. Yes, he met her on his way back which was around sunrise time, in a park across a few blocks from here he used to grab breakfast near a small roadside cafe there.
He left that night it was Sunday I think, yes it was a Sunday to have a casual stroll with her in that Park, he didn’t want to make a very intimate setting for getting to know that person on the first date I guess. Her name, umm he never told me, and no I don’t know what she looks like, I’ve never met her. He called her S in front of me and I referred her the same. Well I noticed the next day he was very happy. He told me he met someone who actually understood where he was coming from. She was different, she clicked! That’s how he used to acknowledge her. The only thing peculiar he told me was she constantly looked at him without blinking and use to talk very little and very slow.
No, I don’t think she gave him a mobile number or anything, but he did admit to talking to her from a landline number later in the week. It was a PCO number, yeah the pay phone numbers. She insisted they meet somewhere private or something as the noise and the flashy lights bothered her or something. I guess she was a night owl like Ehsan too. A few days on the week, he invited her into his home, which he didn’t tell me anything about by the way. Yeah, seriously how desperate can you get, you barely know a girl, where she’s from, what she does, a mobile number even, okay okay. So the next day Thursday, around 8 in the morning I just got up and he’s already banging at my door and I’m like what the hell happened Ehsan and he barges in and starts telling me all this nonsensical stuff about how S and her planned to watch a movie yesterday at his home so he called in sick.

As soon as she came in, it was like she was relaxed and at peace in his house, and after some small talk suddenly disappeared in front of his eyes. Yes, he wasn’t drunk, and that’s what he said. She disappeared without leaving a trace dead in front of him. He was shocked and then frightened stiff with what he thought he had brought into his house. He says he spent the whole night in the apartment mosque downstairs.
He wasn’t much of a religious man and when I was leaving in the morning today, the watchman confirmed his story. I thought the old boy was getting a tad too lonely and imagining things. Oh well, he came in told me about the incident and thought that his house was cursed and that female was a malevolent spirit that was preying on him and now she had made his home her new abode.
Obviously he was spooked and I didn’t know what to do I told him to sleep in my house, when I get back we will discuss it.

 Well I went off to the office and called him up in the afternoon he was spooked but relaxed and sleeping. I told him to get his things but he said he will when I get back. Well I got back around the usual time I do, give me a break I’m a late comer it was around 9.30pm. He was running a fever and it suddenly made sense to me the poor boy was delusional, I shut him up and told him not to worry. Got him some medication for the fever and something to help him sleep and told him we’d go see a doctor when I got back from the office tomorrow. No use now eh, well when he dozed off I kind of went into his apartment to gather some stuff of his because he wouldn’t and I think he needed to get out of his old stuff. Besides needed to get some frozen food from his fridge too.

Anyways late in the night he woke me up that he had seen a dream where he was being strangled by a tall pot bellied foul looking woman! I checked and the fever was like off the charts so I told him we will get it fixed and visit whomever we need to see in the morning. I gave him some more medication to knock him out, I had office in the morning what else could I do!

 Well when I was leaving in the morning he was asleep, I checked he was fine. I told the watchmen to keep an eye on my apartment, and I left. When I got back open the door, he was lying there on the floor with his neck crushed blue and that look of horror on his face, I called you afterwards, and you found some long hair strands too so you see that’s about it. You tell me know when can I go. I have spent all Friday night telling you this story at least ten times. I am tired and I have to call his family in the morning, and no I do not believe these pichal pairee nonsense stories. Can I go now, I have to go home now, since there is no place I can go at this hour!..
The suspect is let, go and the police remain baffled on what happened, and who committed the murder. The only option left is to continue their investigation.

Film Review: The Signal (2007)

A pretty straight forward Zombie movie style film, with that whole city in shambles and gotta escape mind set. I found it quite enjoyable. Although there are certain elements that ruin the fun but The Signal is different from what you would call a zombie apocalypse style movie. Its about a signal that’s making the watchers go full psycho and paranoid, defending whatever insecurities they have in their minds violently.

The Movie starts up with an affair in midst of finding freedom ruined by the apocalypse and so on. However it starts quite gory and serious. The setting is good and gory. Mid way it goes all goofy with an insight into the paranoia. And finally turns back into serious note. For me this movie should’ve remained goofy. The love story climax killed it.  The lack of action in the end didn’t work either no claustrophobia or anything either.


I’d say 2.5 outta 5. Watch it if you like to.


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Wyrmwood Poster

Film Review: Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2015)

Wyrmwood is as they say it is Mad Max meets the Zombie Apocalypse. Uniquely different as it doesn’t depict the usual hopelessness in an apocalypse its a horror adventure tale about a guy whose lost his family and searching for his sister whom is being experimented on by a weirdo scientist.

The brother goes on to rescue her with his modified zombie killer truck that runs on zombie gas!wyrmwood2

It has the usual fill of blood, guts and gore topped with a bunch of eccentricity. Its a unique apocalyptic movie although the story has elements relating to a plot theme of Zombie Nation. But nonetheless its fresh as depicted by RottenTomatoes too.

Its a weekend watch and if it hits cinemas its worth it.

I rated it  3.5 outta 5.



Film Review: ABCs of Death 2

The ABCs of Death 2 is comparatively a better film than its predecessor. By comparison far better. The senseless toilet humor is reduced and some effort has been put into the story lines. Some elements remain strange, weird and downright pathetic but overall the movie is a good comeback from its predecessor which seemed too appalling and nudity-centric.

RottenTomatoes has rated it 75% fresh, although I wouldn’t call it that fresh but none the less it is a good watch. But be warned it still contains material objectional to some so viewer discretion is advised but you got that from the MPAA ratings already.

Although its miles apart from the original its still is 2 out of 5.

Don’t try to get too impressed.

Film Review: The ABCs of Death (2012)

Personally I like anthology movies, they have variety and some segments save the movie even if some don’t work. However its not the case here.
ABCs of Death
This flick has 26 small films in it. And with a compilation such as this you tend to build expectations right?

Wrong! The magnitude of mismatches in this movie is tremendous. Till the end which should’ve been something unique or horrific you get to see something so pathetic you could easily mistake it for and porn video entrance.

The central theme was horror and somewhere down the line, I guess the main producers or who ever forgot what they were making.

There are elements of horror. Weirdness, downright goofy and pathetic.

This is something you can miss and not be ashamed of not watching. Useless nudity, sick mentality and perversions are a constant theme. Nothing to watch here. There are some small skits but the stupidity and toilet humor just over shadow everything. 1.5 out of 5.

Film Review: Innocent Blood (1992)

Innocent Blood (1992) is just another vampire with a conscience tale, although its your quintessential one thing goes haywire leads to disaster blah blah flick but it is still better the Twilight! Anyways, its about a vampire who selectively kills her victims focusing on the miscreants of society. Innocent Blood

Selecting a wrong victim turns everything haywire for the hot chick: Anne Parillaud who is playing Marie in this picture. A good watch, the only interesting characters are the lead Lady and the Mobster (Robert Loggia).

Not a Bad movie to watch, but nothing scary about it, and it has its cheesy moments.

Nothing to intense, keep it on a watch list. Its 3 out of 5.