Client Zero

Not long ago. There came a file to be viewed by my ever so bored eyes. I opened the contents and as i gazed upon the contents realized it was the same case. Misunderstood feelings, existential crises and the like. I hesitantly took on the case. The client indeed a 30 year old at max damsel. In loose sweltering clothes trying to hide the skin and bones she was sat in front of me and asked me if i would listen. Obviously my answer in the most non sarcastic way was yes. Am i not here for this purpose. She began to tell me how she was a sheltered child, yet ignored by the same folk that sheltered her to focus on an ailing elder child who would carry the family name. This continued on and on that the child was grown. The void had been made. The personality had been deviated from the normal that i could see so easily that i didn’t even need a banana scale to check it through. However as per all cases suddenly the focus shifted to get settled and all for my client and as i heard more and more i could clearly see that wasn’t going to end well. And it didn’t. Getting engaged to a misogynist member of authority wasn’t exactly what the doctor ordered but after compulsive lying, verbal abuse it was called off. But how could it stop then. He chased her stalked her then finally let go of her. Now i knew where that fear came from in that void of excessive loneliness. She went on about how to get out of that phase she started working which i commended, that is a very valid thing to do, reduce dependency levels and understand your self capability. Considering the scenario of the times the ahem boss started getting to close to the client. A long and hard hide and seek game pursued. The boss chasing the client and finally she snapped and let go of her employment. Vowing to pursue another career away from the corporate lights. Learning, stumbling and falling she kept getting up and moved forward each time she was pushed down, ignored and ridiculed. Broken things easily join back and after the initial plunge there is no fear left. She was up and at em, working in a new career, making new friends. The void was still there, the fear was still there but the mask had become so strong it hid everything. I could see emotions in her eyes but she wasn’t weak anymore. I had become weak. She lessened her burden unto me unknowingly she doesn’t need help. She has taken all that life pushed on her and has become something un-fragile….

She just came to waste time with me…


The Top Five Clive Barker Books

He’s got me hooked.

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Brent R. Oliver

In the 1980s, horror was booming. You couldn’t swing the undead cat from Pet Sematary without smacking into a pile of movies destined to become classics: A Nightmare on Elm Street; The Re-Animator; The Evil Dead; An American Werewolf in London; The Shining; The Howling; The Thing; Poltergeist. And that’s just a fraction of the list.

We were similarly blessed by a crop of authors revitalizing the genre with amazing work: Dan Simmons; F. Paul Wilson; Richard Laymon; Ramsey Cambell; Robert McCammon; Joe R. Lansdale; Peter Straub; Jack Ketchum; John Saul. And, you know…Stephen King was doing stuff, too.

Horror was no longer hiding underground; it had become legit and was tainting the mainstream with blood and guts. Things were going like a house on fire.

Clive Barker dropped into that blazing house like a nuclear bomb. His talent was so prodigious, so ruthlessly…

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Rambling 2: The Villager

In the banana kingdom there are many peasants, villagers and noblemen. But often you come across the most vilest of liars and dimwits. The idea that the more a person knows the more quieter he gets is true. Yes it is. If you meet such villagers that seem to know everything and yet know everyone at the same time. Know this they are the idiots that can’t shut up. They have to pretend to be royalty just to attain some type of societal influence or importance. Dude. You are just making things up to be cool. This ain’t 1982 its 2015 and you ain’t a teenager. Keep it simple. Be in your britches.

Things ain’t that hunky dory in the banana kingdom these days anyway. You don’t need to act like a know it all. You don’t need to follow anything trending topic. You don’t need to butt into every conversation. Yikes.

Be natural stop making stuff up. The banana kingdom has a lot of problems. I guess the populace likes to brag and bitch and moan now too. I dig the whole inferiority complex people have in the kingdom but it doesn’t mean you start whisking crappy insights each time you get. Making friends is difficult, being bored is pretty darn horrible too but that ain’t no premise to start turning into brain eating gelatin. Seriously people in the kingdom should stop butting in and get a life. No more questions or judgments. Do your THANG if you know what I mean.

No one watching you and you shouldn’t care what people think about you.

Film Review: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

This ain’t no love story. The world is broken. Civilization is gone. Disease and madness is everywhere. Strange religions and cults rule over the mass. Water is a luxury. Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth installment in the Mad Max series. The apocalyptic road warrior returns after a few decades long wait. After 30 years or more Mad Max Fury Road takes up exactly where the original trilogy left off. The apocalypse, barbarianism, tyrants and all sorts of civilization breakdown. The reluctant hero is again forced into a war he wants initially no part of. He makes unlikely allies and proceeds to end a tyranny. In the most crazy, racing and explosive manner possible.

mad_max_fury_road_immortan_joe_by_maltian-d89hlf8The captured road warrior fights his way to freedom and in suit helps other unlikely allies to their dignity in this fiery road racing rendition. Its a must watch but it would be more entertaining if earlier films were in mind.

Expect: Road Rage, Violence, Bullets, Evisceration, Deprivation and Moments of Strangeness.

Total action take up. 4 outta 5. Cinema Movie.

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PS. I don’t like telling the whole movie story. Wheres the surprise left.

The Hybrid / Scintilla (2014)

The Hybrid or Scintilla is a not your usual isolation being tracked down by a mutant or some sort of biohazard movie. Its fresh on the approach as I was expecting a zombie outbreak but the plot changed into something else. A bit of your normal Sci-fi thriller movies. Its a good watch with yes a room for improvement but I’d say better than watching alot of shitty stuff outhere. Its a good to go flick! 3 outta 5.


The Love Interest

A suspect has been apprehended in the murder of a young man. The suspect begins talking and his story is heard again by the presiding officers.

Yes officer, it was my apartment, yes officer, it was my neighbor. Yes officer, he was found in my home.
Let me start from the top again. Today, Friday, when I reached home from my office I found him strangled to death on my living room floor. I was shocked that’s why I didn’t immediately call. Anyways Let me tell you again from the start.

 Ehsan was my neighbor, we were neighbors since I moved to Karachi from Punjab which is like 5 years now.

He was a joyful hopeless romantic type. Always looking out for the ladies, trying to find that special one. He had been into quite a few affairs before but he was never satisfied. He was a nice lad never disrespectful always willing to help others and ever since I moved to these apartments, he’s helped me with almost everything and we used to hang out on the weekends at his home. Since he had a home cinema system we used to hang around the weekends at his home. Watching movies and the usual tomfoolery. I seldom ever saw his relatives or family ever coming over from his home town. He was a Baloch. He never used to talk about his family or village, and I never asked. You know I came direct from my office, Officer you can check I wasn’t at home when he was okay, okay. I never found him to be involved in any nefarious or as you would say immoral activities and he was a very shy lad. He was searching for a mate that’s why he left his siblings behind I guess, for more focus. Anyhow he wasn’t the type to get into trouble.

 Everything was as usual the last weekend, I inquired what movies to bring over, but he sounded rather excited on the phone and told me he had run into someone while coming back from work. She was quite an handful of energy as he put it. He used to work in those all night call centers. Yes, he met her on his way back which was around sunrise time, in a park across a few blocks from here he used to grab breakfast near a small roadside cafe there.
He left that night it was Sunday I think, yes it was a Sunday to have a casual stroll with her in that Park, he didn’t want to make a very intimate setting for getting to know that person on the first date I guess. Her name, umm he never told me, and no I don’t know what she looks like, I’ve never met her. He called her S in front of me and I referred her the same. Well I noticed the next day he was very happy. He told me he met someone who actually understood where he was coming from. She was different, she clicked! That’s how he used to acknowledge her. The only thing peculiar he told me was she constantly looked at him without blinking and use to talk very little and very slow.
No, I don’t think she gave him a mobile number or anything, but he did admit to talking to her from a landline number later in the week. It was a PCO number, yeah the pay phone numbers. She insisted they meet somewhere private or something as the noise and the flashy lights bothered her or something. I guess she was a night owl like Ehsan too. A few days on the week, he invited her into his home, which he didn’t tell me anything about by the way. Yeah, seriously how desperate can you get, you barely know a girl, where she’s from, what she does, a mobile number even, okay okay. So the next day Thursday, around 8 in the morning I just got up and he’s already banging at my door and I’m like what the hell happened Ehsan and he barges in and starts telling me all this nonsensical stuff about how S and her planned to watch a movie yesterday at his home so he called in sick.

As soon as she came in, it was like she was relaxed and at peace in his house, and after some small talk suddenly disappeared in front of his eyes. Yes, he wasn’t drunk, and that’s what he said. She disappeared without leaving a trace dead in front of him. He was shocked and then frightened stiff with what he thought he had brought into his house. He says he spent the whole night in the apartment mosque downstairs.
He wasn’t much of a religious man and when I was leaving in the morning today, the watchman confirmed his story. I thought the old boy was getting a tad too lonely and imagining things. Oh well, he came in told me about the incident and thought that his house was cursed and that female was a malevolent spirit that was preying on him and now she had made his home her new abode.
Obviously he was spooked and I didn’t know what to do I told him to sleep in my house, when I get back we will discuss it.

 Well I went off to the office and called him up in the afternoon he was spooked but relaxed and sleeping. I told him to get his things but he said he will when I get back. Well I got back around the usual time I do, give me a break I’m a late comer it was around 9.30pm. He was running a fever and it suddenly made sense to me the poor boy was delusional, I shut him up and told him not to worry. Got him some medication for the fever and something to help him sleep and told him we’d go see a doctor when I got back from the office tomorrow. No use now eh, well when he dozed off I kind of went into his apartment to gather some stuff of his because he wouldn’t and I think he needed to get out of his old stuff. Besides needed to get some frozen food from his fridge too.

Anyways late in the night he woke me up that he had seen a dream where he was being strangled by a tall pot bellied foul looking woman! I checked and the fever was like off the charts so I told him we will get it fixed and visit whomever we need to see in the morning. I gave him some more medication to knock him out, I had office in the morning what else could I do!

 Well when I was leaving in the morning he was asleep, I checked he was fine. I told the watchmen to keep an eye on my apartment, and I left. When I got back open the door, he was lying there on the floor with his neck crushed blue and that look of horror on his face, I called you afterwards, and you found some long hair strands too so you see that’s about it. You tell me know when can I go. I have spent all Friday night telling you this story at least ten times. I am tired and I have to call his family in the morning, and no I do not believe these pichal pairee nonsense stories. Can I go now, I have to go home now, since there is no place I can go at this hour!..
The suspect is let, go and the police remain baffled on what happened, and who committed the murder. The only option left is to continue their investigation.

The 8-Bit Version Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Turns Carl Into The Ultimate Badass


If you have been saving The Walking Dead for a binge watch here over the summer or some other silly idea, you might want to slap a big spoiler alert on top of this video. If you have, prepare to relive some of the best and worst times that the show has offered (best being the awesome first season).

We get the condensed version, I believe based on an 8-bit engine from the original Metal Gear, showing Rick rising from his coma, entering Atlanta, and then instantly leading the entire group into danger. The biggest difference is probably the lack of laundry being folded and Carl’s proficiency with a firearm. I don’t remember a heavy machine gun flying out during the final raid on Hershel’s farm, but I could be wrong. I’ve tried to block that out.

Part two will come next week, with all The Governor theories and…

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Film Review: The Signal (2007)

A pretty straight forward Zombie movie style film, with that whole city in shambles and gotta escape mind set. I found it quite enjoyable. Although there are certain elements that ruin the fun but The Signal is different from what you would call a zombie apocalypse style movie. Its about a signal that’s making the watchers go full psycho and paranoid, defending whatever insecurities they have in their minds violently.

The Movie starts up with an affair in midst of finding freedom ruined by the apocalypse and so on. However it starts quite gory and serious. The setting is good and gory. Mid way it goes all goofy with an insight into the paranoia. And finally turns back into serious note. For me this movie should’ve remained goofy. The love story climax killed it.  The lack of action in the end didn’t work either no claustrophobia or anything either.


I’d say 2.5 outta 5. Watch it if you like to.


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Film Review: Alien Outpost 37 (2015)

Well, where to begin. This movie is a combination of a documentary-esque retrospective on a war with an Alien race invading earth. The war has been going on for a while but since the earth has been enclosed in a protective barrier so the aliens are like guerrillas now. Getting to the point since I don’t like getting too much of the story out of the film, its a documentary film on how some guys from an undermanned outpost in Upper Pakistan, yes Pakistan and the Aliens and Pakistanis hate the Americans by the way strike a decisive blow.

Although I think its not as bad in Pakistan as the director thought but in the Pushtu speaking region, which I think was shown as speaking Balochi is a tad too carried away. Although this movie is made on a high scale porn movie budget, but seriously there are too many drags.

Im sorry I get the whole insurgency thing but this is a boring movie with not enough action time for the cheesy aliens from Babylon 5.


1.5 outta 5. Please ignore this movie if you like.