Client Zero

Not long ago. There came a file to be viewed by my ever so bored eyes. I opened the contents and as i gazed upon the contents realized it was the same case. Misunderstood feelings, existential crises and the like. I hesitantly took on the case. The client indeed a 30 year old at max damsel. In loose sweltering clothes trying to hide the skin and bones she was sat in front of me and asked me if i would listen. Obviously my answer in the most non sarcastic way was yes. Am i not here for this purpose. She began to tell me how she was a sheltered child, yet ignored by the same folk that sheltered her to focus on an ailing elder child who would carry the family name. This continued on and on that the child was grown. The void had been made. The personality had been deviated from the normal that i could see so easily that i didn’t even need a banana scale to check it through. However as per all cases suddenly the focus shifted to get settled and all for my client and as i heard more and more i could clearly see that wasn’t going to end well. And it didn’t. Getting engaged to a misogynist member of authority wasn’t exactly what the doctor ordered but after compulsive lying, verbal abuse it was called off. But how could it stop then. He chased her stalked her then finally let go of her. Now i knew where that fear came from in that void of excessive loneliness. She went on about how to get out of that phase she started working which i commended, that is a very valid thing to do, reduce dependency levels and understand your self capability. Considering the scenario of the times the ahem boss started getting to close to the client. A long and hard hide and seek game pursued. The boss chasing the client and finally she snapped and let go of her employment. Vowing to pursue another career away from the corporate lights. Learning, stumbling and falling she kept getting up and moved forward each time she was pushed down, ignored and ridiculed. Broken things easily join back and after the initial plunge there is no fear left. She was up and at em, working in a new career, making new friends. The void was still there, the fear was still there but the mask had become so strong it hid everything. I could see emotions in her eyes but she wasn’t weak anymore. I had become weak. She lessened her burden unto me unknowingly she doesn’t need help. She has taken all that life pushed on her and has become something un-fragile….

She just came to waste time with me…


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