Film Review: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

This ain’t no love story. The world is broken. Civilization is gone. Disease and madness is everywhere. Strange religions and cults rule over the mass. Water is a luxury. Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth installment in the Mad Max series. The apocalyptic road warrior returns after a few decades long wait. After 30 years or more Mad Max Fury Road takes up exactly where the original trilogy left off. The apocalypse, barbarianism, tyrants and all sorts of civilization breakdown. The reluctant hero is again forced into a war he wants initially no part of. He makes unlikely allies and proceeds to end a tyranny. In the most crazy, racing and explosive manner possible.

mad_max_fury_road_immortan_joe_by_maltian-d89hlf8The captured road warrior fights his way to freedom and in suit helps other unlikely allies to their dignity in this fiery road racing rendition. Its a must watch but it would be more entertaining if earlier films were in mind.

Expect: Road Rage, Violence, Bullets, Evisceration, Deprivation and Moments of Strangeness.

Total action take up. 4 outta 5. Cinema Movie.

Rotten Tomatoes Link:

PS. I don’t like telling the whole movie story. Wheres the surprise left.


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