The 8-Bit Version Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Turns Carl Into The Ultimate Badass


If you have been saving The Walking Dead for a binge watch here over the summer or some other silly idea, you might want to slap a big spoiler alert on top of this video. If you have, prepare to relive some of the best and worst times that the show has offered (best being the awesome first season).

We get the condensed version, I believe based on an 8-bit engine from the original Metal Gear, showing Rick rising from his coma, entering Atlanta, and then instantly leading the entire group into danger. The biggest difference is probably the lack of laundry being folded and Carl’s proficiency with a firearm. I don’t remember a heavy machine gun flying out during the final raid on Hershel’s farm, but I could be wrong. I’ve tried to block that out.

Part two will come next week, with all The Governor theories and…

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Film Review: The Signal (2007)

A pretty straight forward Zombie movie style film, with that whole city in shambles and gotta escape mind set. I found it quite enjoyable. Although there are certain elements that ruin the fun but The Signal is different from what you would call a zombie apocalypse style movie. Its about a signal that’s making the watchers go full psycho and paranoid, defending whatever insecurities they have in their minds violently.

The Movie starts up with an affair in midst of finding freedom ruined by the apocalypse and so on. However it starts quite gory and serious. The setting is good and gory. Mid way it goes all goofy with an insight into the paranoia. And finally turns back into serious note. For me this movie should’ve remained goofy. The love story climax killed it.  The lack of action in the end didn’t work either no claustrophobia or anything either.


I’d say 2.5 outta 5. Watch it if you like to.


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Film Review: Alien Outpost 37 (2015)

Well, where to begin. This movie is a combination of a documentary-esque retrospective on a war with an Alien race invading earth. The war has been going on for a while but since the earth has been enclosed in a protective barrier so the aliens are like guerrillas now. Getting to the point since I don’t like getting too much of the story out of the film, its a documentary film on how some guys from an undermanned outpost in Upper Pakistan, yes Pakistan and the Aliens and Pakistanis hate the Americans by the way strike a decisive blow.

Although I think its not as bad in Pakistan as the director thought but in the Pushtu speaking region, which I think was shown as speaking Balochi is a tad too carried away. Although this movie is made on a high scale porn movie budget, but seriously there are too many drags.

Im sorry I get the whole insurgency thing but this is a boring movie with not enough action time for the cheesy aliens from Babylon 5.


1.5 outta 5. Please ignore this movie if you like.



A Blog Post

Every so often you come across something you need done so desperately that you could even contour your own body in various shapes to get it. Eventually you have it all figured out. ‘After this I’m doing this and then I’ll do that’. Everything is according to plan, right!

You look after that thing, you treat that thing real nice. Real nice. Soon some colleagues, friends and the usual banter come to learn about it. They admire, advise and tell you how to look after it or to let it go it ain’t the right thing to follow.

But its your thing, you have control over the situation and are making it work. You really don’t care about what people tell you. After all it is your life, who are they to tell you what and what not to do. Besides its working, all your interests are satiated and it keeps on getting better. The irony is even though some people maybe friends or villains in disguise. They just can’t see a man happy. Or even a woman for that matter.

Oh well, eventually something comes up and eventually someone happens to say something behind unbeknownst to you which ruins your little thing going. You being unaware, at first look more suspicious than ever. And when you come to know, Wa-Lah! People have already held conferences on the subject behind your back.

By the time you get wind of the situation its already too late. That thing is gone. Each time you go trying to face that thing with your chest pounding from the inside out and that funny feeling in your stomach, it gets worse. Until that frightful moment you realize that thing is gone….

Even though, it wasn’t you, it looks like it was you and that project is scrapped. But lives goes on and projects / things come and go and so do people.

Each time with such a loss over a project something kind of breaks doesn’t it.

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Film Review: Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2015)

Wyrmwood is as they say it is Mad Max meets the Zombie Apocalypse. Uniquely different as it doesn’t depict the usual hopelessness in an apocalypse its a horror adventure tale about a guy whose lost his family and searching for his sister whom is being experimented on by a weirdo scientist.

The brother goes on to rescue her with his modified zombie killer truck that runs on zombie gas!wyrmwood2

It has the usual fill of blood, guts and gore topped with a bunch of eccentricity. Its a unique apocalyptic movie although the story has elements relating to a plot theme of Zombie Nation. But nonetheless its fresh as depicted by RottenTomatoes too.

Its a weekend watch and if it hits cinemas its worth it.

I rated it  3.5 outta 5.