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We rounded up UAE’s funniest ahead of their performance at ‘Tuney Loons #3′ presented by ‘BreakTHrough’ at ‘Courtyard Playhouse’ on Jan 22nd 2015 to get their insight on the local comedy scene :

What do you think of the comedy scene in UAE?

Lamya: The comedy scene has grown so much since I first started out in 2009. I expect it will continue to grow so these are very exciting times
Rishi: It started small, but as the months are going by, more people are becoming aware that comedy-shows do exist in Dubai

10314541_818999711492650_4129799704333715967_n Midaad Dohadwala

Miqdaad : There is so much more potential, so many more venues need to have comedy nights and so many more people need to get on stage

Lamya Lamya Tawfiq

Rayan I think it is still at grassroot levels.. unfortunately most comedians have a day job makes it hard for them to dedicate their time to their…

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